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A Prayer For Family Mealtime

Thank You for putting us together as family, and thank You for this food.

Dinner and mealtime prayers are sometimes neglected. Whether we admit it or not, our family mealtimes have been very methodical that it does not serve its second purpose– conversations.

Sitting down to eat with each member of the family provides time to reflect on the day, thank God, and bring our concerns before Him. Not only does dinner/mealtime give you time to talk with your family, it’s also a chance to talk to God. (Read: Don’t Know What To Cook For The Day? Ask Tita Maggi– The Home Cook Tita We All Need)

So as you sit down with your family at the dinner table, may these prayers help you recall God’s goodness and remember that all blessings come from Him.

A Prayer for Family Mealtime

Father, We have gathered to share a meal in Your honor. Thank You for putting us together as family, and thank You for this food. Bless it to our bodies, Lord. We thank you for all of the gifts you’ve given to those around this table. Help each member of our family use these gifts to your glory. Guide our mealtime conversations and steer our hearts to Your purpose for our lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

A Prayer for When Someone is Missed at the Table

Father, We are coping with an empty seat at our table. Be with the one we are without, today, and help us to trust in Your timing, purpose, and great love for us all. As we miss ____________ today, we pray Your blessing over him/her/them, and us, and the space in between now and when we see them next. Until then, may this food bless our bodies, and give us strength to endure the day ahead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 A Prayer of Confession

Father, This meal is the work of Your hands. You have provided for me, again, and I am grateful. I confess my tendency to forget to ask Your blessing upon my life, through the comforts that You have given me to enjoy. So many people lack these daily comforts and it is selfish of me to forget about them in their need. Show me how to make the most of Your blessing in my life, for everything I have is a gift from You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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