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A Heartfelt Prayer for Widows

O Lord Jesus, enfold them in Your Love.

When a woman is widowed, one can only imagine the pain and suffering she must have been experiencing. In some cultures, especially, a widowed woman is shunned, despised, and unwanted because they are thought to be the cause of their husband’s death— regardless of how they died.

So instead of the security and sympathy she needs, she receives rejection and discrimination. (Read: A Prayer on the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene)

Let this prayer uplift the ladies whom Jesus dearly loves and values. Let us pray for these women as though they were our own mothers and sisters. Pray for them that may God do beautiful things in their lives.

A Prayer for Widows

Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Your blessed name and seek Your intercession as we lift up all widows in our prayers. Torn between their own lives and the responsibilities of family, may they in You ever abide.

Strengthen them, Lord, in Your power and wisdom to lean on You and persevere in their calling. May their love for You, and their love for family and duty, be their utmost importance.

May they lift up all their cares, and place all their hopes, in You as, in fervent prayer, they come. Grant them Lord, a spirit of patience to persevere through their daily toils and disappointments of life.

In times, they need someone to speak their hearts out and someone to love; hear their hearts, O Lord Jesus, and enfold them in Your Love. May they be comforted that in You alone is a peace so deep and real and in You an everlasting love that lives through all ages.

Lord Jesus, we pray for widows who seek a life partner and have children to care for. Help them, O Lord we pray, with discernment and judgment to chose right.

Help them with someone who will truly love, care and provide for her and her children as their own. May they grow in love for You Lord and each other in an bond of marriage and sacrifice for each other, the things that could make them closer, and deeper in a lifetime of love.

May we all live our call as Christians, live our relationship with You, through caring and loving for those who are underprivileged, in this pursuit of orphans and widows.

May our thoughts be pure without deceit and malice, may our love be Your light, shining in their path, giving them a life hopeful, joyful and peaceful.

In Jesus’ Almighty name, AMEN!

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