Saturday, June 19, 2021
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A Short Prayer for a Good Morning

Before we take on the day, have a moment to talk to God first.

Waking up in the morning gives a certain feeling that we can conquer life again. With each new day, we are given another chance to prove ourselves and to do kindness to others.

With all the activities lined up for us each day, it only makes perfect sense to ask for guidance from God whose miracle of a new day allows us to pursue our lives to the fullest. Before we take on the pressures, challenges, and opportunities of the day, have a moment to talk to God first. (Read: 7 Morning Prayers for You and Your Kids)

Offer your first thought to the Lord every morning with this uplifting morning prayer.

A Morning Prayer

Good morning, Lord! I offer to you my day, all of my joys and my sufferings, my cares, and my concerns, my accomplishments and my failures.

All that I have, all that I do, is yours. Keep me in your care. Guard me in my actions. Teach me to love, and help me to turn to you throughout the day.

The world is filled with temptations. As I move through my day, keep me close. May those I encounter feel your loving presence.

Lord, be the work of my hands and my heart. Amen.

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