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A Gift for Your Future Self

Have you ever dreamed about living in the future and wanting to look back on how you used to be as a kid? A time capsule is one way to do this! Choose your special mementos and seal them in a container for your older self or later generations to rediscover years from now. Take this step-by-step guide from My Pope Philippines and get started on making your own time capsule!

Pick your container

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The first thing you will need is a container to keep all your treasures in. There are no rules – a cardboard shoebox to be kept in the closet or a plastic bin to be buried in the garden will both work. Each person in the family should have their own container.

Decide on who it is for

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Decide on the purpose of your time capsule. Would you like to make one for yourself or for a family member? You may also choose make multiple time capsules, if you’re feeling crafty!

Go crazy!

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There are loads of things you can include in your time capsule! You can STORE MEMENTOES of the wonderful year you are having by keeping movie tickets, pictures, sports awards, or even your report card. You may also choose to WRITE A LETTER to your future self or family member and talk about your hopes and dreams for the future.

Place your items inside your container and seal it

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Once you have all your items together, place them inside your box and seal it. Wrapping it like a gift is a good idea if you are making it for a family member.

Set a date

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Choose a date when you would like to open your time capsules. Hide it somewhere secure and get back to it on your chosen date. No peeking allowed until then!


This article originally appears in the July issue of My Pope Kids. Edited for web by Aizel Dolom.
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