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A Feast Day Prayer to St. Catherine of Alexandria

On her feast day, we remember the life of the young woman who led thousands of people to Christianity.

Catherine of Alexandria—or in other literature, Katharine of Alexandria—is a Christian saint who was martyred at the young age of 18.

According to readings, the saint and virgin was a princess and a noted scholar of the early 4th century who turned to Christianity at the young age of 14. Through her faith, Catherine paved the way to the conversion of hundreds of people to Christianity — leading to her martyrdom four years after under the hands of emperor Maxentius.

Following her death, numerous miracles have been attributed to the intercession of Catherine. Of these, the most notable one was that of Joan of Arc—wherein more than 1,100 years after Catherine’s martyrdom, Joan identified her as one of the saints who appeared to and counseled her. (Read: Whose voices were inside Joan of Arc’s head?)

Today, Catholics from around the world celebrate the feast day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria every 25th of November. She is also traditionally revered as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers — a group of Catholic saints whose intercessions are believed to be effective, especially in situations pertaining to various diseases.

Prayer to St. Catherine of Alexandria

Glorious St. Catherine, virgin and martyr, help me to imitate your love of purity. Give me strength and courage in fighting off the temptations of the world and evil desires. Help me to love God with my whole heart and serve Him faithfully. O St. Catherine, through your glorious martrydom for the love of Christ, help me to be loyal to my faith and my God as long as I live. Amen.

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