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A Feast Day Prayer to Saint Pope Damasus I

Damasus I, beloved saint and pope, pray for us.

Pope Damasus I was the bishop of Rome from October 366 to his death. He is most known for speaking out against major heresies in the Church and encouraging the veneration of martyrs.

Described as “the first society Pope,” Damasus I authored various prose letters and other pieces of Latin verse. His legacy as leader of the Church is marked by a number of images of “Damas” that are embroidered in gold glass cups— a representation of his leadership in a contemporary time. (Read: Church Leaders Unite To Take Stand Against Anti-Terrorism Law)

Even up to this day, Pope Damasus I is recognized in different Catholic countries worldwide as a saint who is the patron of archaeologists. His feast day is celebrated today, the 11th of December.

Prayer to Saint Pope Damasus I

Saint Damasus,
Instead of worrying about the short term of life on earth,
You took God’s view and looked to the things that last.
Pray for me that I may be able to look beyond immediate popularity and fleeting favors,
and choose to do the things that God wants me to do.

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