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A Feast Day Prayer to Saint John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross, beloved priest and doctor, pray for us.

John of the Cross, born in 1542, was a Spanish Catholic priest, mystic, Carmelite friar, and saint who played a huge role in Spain’s Counter-Reformation. He is also one of the recognized Doctors of the Church.

Known especially for his writings, John of the Cross was mentored by a fellow Carmelite and saint, Teresa of Ávila. His works focused mostly on the development of the soul, with most of it being through poetry and research studies. Today, these works are widely recognized as the foundation of mystical Spanish literature and one of the greatest works made by a Spanish poet.

On December 14, 1591, John of the Cross died of a skin infection known as erysipelas. Two centuries later, in 1726, he was canonized and declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XIII. He is also widely recognized as a mystical saint. (Read: No, They’re Not Magicians! These Saints Are Just Mystical)

Saint John of the Cross Prayer

O abyss of delights! You are so much the more abundant the more Your riches are concentrated in the infinite unity and simplicity of Your unique being, where one attribute is so known and enjoyed as not to hinder the perfect knowledge and enjoyment of the other; rather, each grace and virtue within You are a light for each of Your other grandeurs.

By Your purity, O divine Wisdom, many things are beheld in You through one. You are the deposit of the Father’s treasures, the splendor of the eternal light, the unspotted mirror and image of His goodness.

Awaken and enlighten us, my Lord, that we might know and love the blessings which You ever propose to us, and that we might understand that You have moved to bestow favors on us and have remembered us.

O Lord, my God, who will seek You with simple and pure love and not find You are all he desires, for You show Yourself first and go out to meet those who desire You?

My spirit has become dry because it forgets to feed on You. Amen.

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