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7 Valuable Things I Learned from My Dad

Ride a bike, value your job, less talk, among many others

It’s been exactly a year since my dad passed away from health complications at the height of the pandemic. If he were alive today, he would have been 69 years old. Someone once said, “You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” So today, instead of being sad, I wanted to honor my dad by remembering seven valuable things I learned and miss about him.

Ride A Bike

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My dad was the first one who taught me how to ride a bike. I was in grade school at that time. I realized that, at first, biking was hard. You’ll stumble and fall, but eventually, you must learn to let go and enjoy the ride. (Read: Biking 101: Traffic Rules and Etiquette for New Bikers)

Love For Sports

My dad after a good swim (Photo courtesy of subject)

Apart from biking, my dad loved swimming, basketball, volleyball, and lawn tennis. I heard he used to be a star in his basketball team in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s when he was an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). 

You see, I was a frustrated volleyball/basketball player in college. I wanted to be part of the varsity, but I felt I’m not good enough to play. I had too many excuses, but looking back, my father would have been proud watching me play volleyball on TV. (Read: Pope Francis Quotes On The Importance And Impact Of Sports)

Drive A Car

Driving for dad during one of his check-ups (Photo courtesy of subject)

My father was also the first one who taught me the basics of driving at the age of 17. Looking back, he taught us how to be independent, to be responsible for our actions not to drink and drive, and take care of ourselves.

Be On Time

Me and my sisters with dad (Photo courtesy of subject)

My father’s pet peeve was tardiness. He’s always at work at least two hours before the time. When you say 8 am, he’ll be ready an hour before waiting for us at the terrace or inside the car. He’d honk the horns to signal us to hurry up and that stresses me out sometimes.  He’d do that right after I stepped out of the shower. I shower fast, but I dress slower. Later, I got his habit–except the honking.

Love For Action Films

Photo from Netflix

My father hated screaming or crying actresses or actors on TV. He’d either ask us to turn the volume down or turn off the TV completely. If there’s a rom-com movie my mom and I would love to watch on cinema, he’d watch another film even by himself.

I didn’t like hard-core action movies. I watch them only if I know the actor/s, it’s a war film, it has soldiers or secret agents. But I realized that the only way I could bond with my father was to watch action movies, too. So sometimes whenever I’m in the living room, I’d purposely play some random action movie and wait if he’d sit and watch. The most memorable movies we watched together were Taken 1, 2, and 3 by Liam Neeson, and Argo by Ben Affleck. I miss seeing the sparkle in his eyes. I miss hearing his comments about the film.  I miss watching him react even if he watched the film twice already.

Value Your Job

Dad’s last Father’s Day in 2020. He loved my pre-ordered cake. (Photo courtesy of subject)

My dad officially retired at 60 years old, but he continued working as a consultant for a private company. I can’t blame him. He was used to working at an early age, so maybe he can’t imagine himself doing nothing at home. I’ve always admired how my dad (even my mom too), valued his job because that provided for him and our family. He turned in his work on or before the time. He did it properly. He’s meticulous and into details. He rarely missed work. He’s always on time. He’s consistent. And he’s well loved by his bosses and peers. (Read: Here Are Pope Francis’s Jobs Before He Became A Priest)

Less Talk, Less Mistake.

Breakfast dates with mom and dad (Photo courtesy of subject)

Probably the reason why my mom and dad’s marriage lasted for 39 years was because my father was less of a talker. Their marriage wasn’t perfect. It had ups and downs–but it lasted. I find that cold sometimes because I’m a very talkative and affectionate person, but that’s just how my father was and I miss him for that. He wasn’t very expressive. He’s a man of few words, but a man of action, love, and responsibility.

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