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7-Eleven Offers Big Discounts and Great Deals to Celebrate #711Day

Over 150 items will be on sale at 50% off!

7-Eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in the world. In almost every country you visit, you’ll probably see a 7-Eleven store on the sidewalk with hundreds of products only available in that specific place or country, and the Philippines is no stranger to this hype.

This business technically has everything we need. From food—rice meals, noodles, chips, chocolates—to toiletries, and even school supplies and dog food, 7-Eleven literally has everything! There is almost nothing that they don’t carry which is why many patronize them for their needs. (Read: Rundown: The New Dine-In Rules for Restaurants, Customers, Staff)

And to thank their customers for the continued patronage, the convenience store chain is offering great deals and discounts for the annual #711Day! From July 1 to 14, customers can get up to 30% off on various items such as detergents, batteries, soaps, snacks, and other grocery items. But there’s more—on July 7 to 11, over 150 items will be on sale at 50% off!


Popular meals like the Crunch Time Chicken, Big Bite, and City Blends will also be on sale and will have promos such as free drinks and free one piece chicken for every 6-piece Crunch Time Chicken Carrier. You can even get a small City Blends coffee for only P1 on July 11! Their Fundae Ube Crema in a cup or cone can also be availed for only P10—save P5 on your dessert!

So what are you waiting for? Head on now to the nearest 7-Eleven store near you—but don’t forget to wear your face mask and sanitize after the transaction! (Read: 3 Secrets To Ensure Food Safety Amid COVID-19 Pandemic) 7-Eleven also prefers that you go with contactless payments such as through the Cliqq App or GCash.

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