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5 Ways to Achieve Zero Waste in Your Wedding

Say “I Do” to these simple, earth-and-budget-saving tips!

Years from now, what do you want people to remember about your wedding? Was it your designer dress, dozens of ninongs and ninangs, over-the-top out-of-town reception, or the flowers flown in all the way from Europe?

How about being remembered for doing something impactful to the environment? Here are five of the many ways to achieve zero waste in your wedding:

#1: Choose Paperless Invites

Create paperless invites or send plantable wedding invitations! (Photos from Wedivite and Paperblooms Facebook)

Save money (and trees!) with online invites that you can customize to your preferred motif. Paperless Post, Punchbowl, and Wedivite are just some of the sites offering free digital wedding invitations.

If you still want something tangible that you can give to guests, turn to Paperblooms. The locally sourced and sustainable company uses paper lined with seeds, which when planted, yields a pot of spinach! 

#2: Recycle Your Gown

Sure, it’s every bride’s dream to look like a princess on her wedding day, but you can still turn heads when you glide down the aisle in a dress once worn by another bride— think your grandmother, mother, or older sister. (Read: How This Couple Beat ‘Wedding Mishaps’ Amid Taal, COVID-19 Disasters)

Repurposing an existing gown to suit your style can be more affordable than having a gown made from scratch. It also allows you to start a tradition of passing on a piece of family history to the next generation: your future daughter or granddaughter, perhaps? 

If you’re iffy about the idea, check out this video that gives a modern take to a ‘70s wedding gown. 

#3: Champion Local

The Paperblooms is a Manila-based supplier of professionally crafted paper flowers for wedding and special occasions. (Photos from ThePaperblooms Instagram)

Choosing suppliers from the Philippines— or the province where you or your groom is from— not only significantly lessens your carbon footprint, it’s a show of support for suppliers from your roots. Besides, the country boasts such rich talent and natural resources, so when it comes to booking a caterer or flowers, there’s no place like the Philippines. (Read: Couple holds ‘online wedding’ amidst coronavirus scare)

#4: Share Leftovers

Prepare thank-you doggy bags for security guards, wait staff, drivers, and other behind-the-scenes folks who helped you get through your wedding without a hitch. Same with flowers: Donate them to churches, old folks’ homes, hospitals, and other places that could use a pick-me-up with the sight and scent of fresh blooms. (Read: Bride-to-be marries fiancé in ‘Animal Crossing’ wedding)

#5: Thank Guests With a Zero-Waste Wedding Favor

Photo from Botanical PaperWorks

Instead of having them take home a tacky knick-knack that will just gather dust or end up in a garage sale, give guests useful, waste-free tokens. Some ideas that come to mind: fruit and veggie seeds in a biodegradable package, a water tumbler (so they can drink regularly and eliminate the use of single plastics), or a generous donation in their name to an animal shelter or charity. The possibilities are endless!

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