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5 Tips To Feel Calmer Amid The Pandemic

As everything feels chaotic, remember these tips to be at peace.

More than a year in this pandemic and the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise. And despite the vaccination drives of the government, it is still inevitable to panic, worry, and feel unproductive this time. 

Many of us just want to have peace of mind and feel calmer despite these factors that cause anxiety. Here are ways on how to be in a state of calm while dealing with the stress of a global pandemic. 

Feel calmer through inspiring movies on Netflix

Netflix and other streaming sites have played a large part to keep us entertained as we stay safely at home. If you’re looking for new movies or series to watch, check out Netflix’s collection of inspiring movies– The Pursuit of Happyness, The Young Messiah, Dangal, and such. This may help you battle those anxieties and remember that whatever crisis, it will be overcome with hope and faith. (Read: 6 Religious Titles You Need to Watch on Netflix This Lent

Feel calmer through having a time for yourself

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

While social isolation is one of the major source for depression for everyone at this time, being alone is also one of the best opportunities to learn and discover more of ourselves. Find a balance and take stock of how you really are at this time. Remember, as much as we would like to stay in touch with our family and friends, it is quite acceptable to stay off social media for a while and enjoy a little “me-time.” Read good books, visit your old journals, paint, rearrange things at home, and many more. 

Sometimes, it’s a healthy thing to practice giving our eyes a break from technology and expose ourselves to traditional entertainment at home, especially spending time with ourselves for more discoveries.

Feel calmer through avoiding comparison

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“Bloom where you are planted,” the famous saying goes. And that’s true during this time. If you are not okay, that is fine. And if you feel that you’re not as productive, it’s totally okay as well. Stop comparing yourself to others on social media who post their new fitness routine, a new skill discovered, or a thriving life despite the pandemic. We are not in a race– and if your priority is to stay healthy and survive, then do that. Don’t punish or pity yourself if you feel you’re not doing enough compared to everyone else. Your status is just temporary– it’s not the end yet. Hang in there. (Read: Personality Test: Are you becoming ‘too sensitive’ to social media?

Feel calmer by having goals

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Since the situation right now is just temporary, develop an idea or list down your goals for the next few months or years. Things in your head during this pandemic might be easy to control if you are tracking your hours with a to-do list going to your goal. Some of them might be hard to realize but at least, you got this mental image of where you are going. You live your day driven by your goals with courage and hope.

Feel calmer through prayerful meditation

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

From what you do and what you think, things would be lighter if you are in control of your disposition with prayerful meditation. Silence and prayer are surely not a thing for many of us whose focus right now is to survive from hunger. However, prayerful meditation is a call for everyone at least spending 15-20 mins before starting a day. It helps us become aware and be hopeful for divine providence. We may not be in control of everything but God is with us. We just have to let Him in through peace in our minds. (Read: 3 Things That Make the Rosary a Great Meditation Tool)

Text by Yen Cantiga and John Caballes

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