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5 Tips to Navigate Adulthood, According to Roanne and Tina

The vloggers talk about healthy friendships, smart ways to save money, and more!

One of the greatest things about adulthood is being the captain of your own ship. But sometimes, challenges and responsibilities can get too overwhelming— from handling finances to dealing with complex relationships. With that, we have rounded up valuable adulting tips from YouTube vloggers and real-life couple, Roanne Carreon and Tina Boado.

Roanne and Tina, known as #RoTin, started vlogging in 2019 after receiving overwhelming messages of support from netizens after guesting in an episode of the YouTube series, Rec.Create. 

In an exclusive interview with My Pope Philippines, #RoTin shares advice on how to form healthy friendships, spot red flags in relationships, smart ways to save money, and more!

Adulting Tips From #RoTin: Build an Emergency Fund

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With great freedom comes great responsibility. And a responsible person knows that it’s not smart to waste money. (Read: 5 Ways to Manage Your Finances Amid COVID-19)

One of the things Roanne underscores is the importance of saving money. She says that if possible, save at least 30% of your income every month and put a portion to your emergency fund.

Kung kaya, mag-build ng emergency fund. Kahit na ilang percent lang ng kinikita mo. Meron kang itinatabi for your savings, your emergency fund, and mga panggastos mo. Meron kang magagamit na hindi mo magagalaw yung savings mo,” Roanne says.

May ia-allot ka na agad na idi-diretso mo sa savings mo para hindi mo na sya magalaw. Mahalaga talaga yung mag-save para sa future,” Tina adds.

Adulting Tips From #RoTin: Choose Your Friends Wisely

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Yes, adulthood requires making decisions and plans on your own, but you don’t always have to do them alone. In choosing friends, Tina shares that she usually just hangs out with her “tried and tested friends.” (Read: 4 Celebrity Best Friends Through ‘Thick and Thin’)

Roanne, meanwhile, says that when forming new friendships, it’s not bad to test the waters first before becoming too trusting, “Binibigyan ko sila ng chance na pumasok sa buhay ko, pero hindi sa ganung level na personal.”

What makes a friend a good friend? “Yung supportive, tutulungan ka na ma-achieve yung mga pangarap mo,” Tina says.

Adulting Tips From #RoTin: Stay Away From Manipulation

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Manipulation is a major red flag in romantic relationships, and both Tina and Roanne agree.

Roanne warns against controlling people, “Yung binabawal kung ano yung susuotin mo, binabawal yung makipagkita sa friends, kailangan mo pa magpaalam kung saan ka pupunta.” (Read: 5 Ways to Strengthen Relationships While Social Distancing)

Good Therapy cited 8 signs of manipulation: passive-aggresive behavior, implicit threats, dishonesty, withholding information, isolating a person from loved ones, gaslighting, varbal abuse, and use of sex to achieve goals.

Adulting Tips From #RoTin: Find Time to Rest

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According to a study conducted by Digital Ocean, 52% of remote workers in the United States reported that they work longer hours than those in the office. Similarly, New York-based company NordVPN found that home-working employees from Australia, North America, and Europe are putting in more hours than before.

For Roanne, there’s no shame in quitting your job or finding some time to rest, especially when boundaries are no longer respected in work. (Read: Art Bolinas: Why He Quit Corporate Life to Paint Images of God)

Ngayong pandemic na work from home… mahirap hanapin yung boundaries. Pag masyado nang overwhelming yung work, hindi na sya healthy,” Roanne says.

To this, Tina agrees. She adds that one’s mental health should always be a top priority. “Malaking bagay rin kasi sa mental health yung work e, pag may toxic kang officemates hindi nakakatulong sa pag-grow mo dun sa career na yun,” Tina says.

Adulting Tips From #RoTin: Mental Health Matters

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Roanne and Tina highlight the importance of advocating for mental health because it starts discussions and conversations. (Read: Liza Soberano Opens Up About Anxiety, Shares Tips for Good Mental Health)

According to Tina, the road to destigmatize mental illness and recognize the importance of mental health is still long. But advocating for mental health and starting conversations about it helps raise awareness, “Kahit papaano by advocating napapaingay mo, and hopefully naiintindihan din ng mga tao kung gaano kalalim at kaimportante ng usapin na ito.”

Roanne, meanwhile, details her struggle with depression and how mental health advocates helped her, “Bilang diagnosed ng depression, kung meron akong someone na maririnig na kwento nya, mafi-feel ko na validated yung nararamdaman ko. Lalo na yung success stories, nakaka-empower sya, may chance din pala na magiging okay ako.”

Non-profit group MentalHealthPH created a directory of mental health facilities, services, and organizations from around the Philippines. The directory can be accessed here

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