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5 Things To Look Forward To In Netflix’s My Amanda

The love story starring Piolo and Alessandra streams on Netflix this July 15.

We’re just days away from My Amanda, the much-awaited Netflix movie starring Piolo Pascual and Alessandra de Rossi. Here are five things we can expect from this highly anticipated project:

Piolo’s return to acting

Photos from Alessandra De Rossi Facebook and Instagram

As per Google, 2017’s Last Night was the last time we saw Papa P flex his acting chops in a movie. He’s kept busy, though, serving as executive producer of films like the Kimmy Dora series, Meet Me In St. Gallen, I’m Ellenya L., Hayop Ka!, and Kita Kita, the bittersweet, Sapporo-based love story starring Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez. Piolo also sits on the executive-producer chair of My Amanda.

Alessandra’s directorial debut

Photos from Alessandra De Rossi Facebook and Piolo Pascual PH Instagram

My Amanda marks the award-winning actress’ first foray into directing. She is also credited as the writer of the film.

“The background story of this movie is what makes this very special to me. It’s a gift to my good friend Piolo and Spring Films—for turning my life around after Kita Kita,” Alessandra has said in interviews.

“This movie is about friendship, and how much I treasure connections that are sincere, overwhelming, and that have a very profound impact, at least for me. There is no single or universal definition that could explain how much gratefulness a person experiences when another being gives you a chance to believe in yourself.”

Their on-screen chemistry

Photos from Netflix

Fun fact: Did you know that Piolo considered taking the lead role in Kita Kita? The part, of course, went to Empoy, but we can only imagine how different the movie would have been if Papa P played Alessandra’s love interest.

My Amanda is our opportunity to see how well they work together on screen. Though pegged as a love story, it’s also about two “extremely close best friends who meet when it’s a must but when they do, they go through several misadventures that lead them to reevaluate their lives and discover the special meaning they hold for each other.”

The locations

Photo from Netflix Philippines YouTube

From the looks of the teaser, My Amanda appears to have a lot of out-of-town shoots. There are beach scenes at sunset, bamboo bridges over placid rivers, and roads meant for long drives on a pickup with your best friend.

It’s on Netflix

Missed the July 15 premiere? Stream it at your convenience, pause for a quick popcorn refill, rewind to your favorite scenes, and watch to your heart’s content!

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