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5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

Do these before the wetter months arrive!

It’s official! The rainy season is now here. Gone are the days of dry weather where we almost curse the sun for the prickling and scorching heat. Now, we get to enjoy cool rainy nights and waking up to foggy mornings.

But with these comforts come the threat of storms, monsoon rains, flooding, and other natural disasters. It is also during the rainy months that we see the many problems that our house has seemed to hide during the hotter summer months. (Read: 5 Easy Ways to Make a Relaxing Spa at Home)

So before you get a headache from the costs and hassle, here are five home management tips you can do before the wetter months arrive:

#1: Check for Loose and Leaky Gutters

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When gutters don’t drain correctly, it can lead to all kinds of problems, including leaks in your roof and damage to your house’s foundation. Be sure to clear the leaves and other debris out of your gutters so that it will not clog the drain once the heavy rains come. (Read: WATCH: 5 Home Improvement Tips and Tricks From Slater Young)

#2: Deep Clean Mattresses, Sofas, Carpets

Photo from Shiny Carpet Cleaning

Well, you should have probably done this when the sun was still giving us the intense heat. But you can never be late when it comes to deep cleaning— unless of course, it’s the typhoon season already! (Read: 5 New Normal Essentials You Need to Have, Stat!)

So take advantage of the tropical climate and clean the dirt build-up in your carpets, mattresses, and sofas. Dry weather brought dust and other allergens to your home so it’s best to get rid of them before your house smells musty. 

#3: Clean Your Garden, Walkway

Photos from Strategies Online and GNH Lumber

With heavy downpour comes the mud, especially if you have a garden or a walkway. Minimize mud stains by placing decorative huge flat stones where people walk to avoid the mud from sticking on shoes or slippers. Sweep fallen leaves and twigs that may also stick to the shoes and slippers.

#4: Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Photo from PawLeaks

Our pets need their daily walk even on rainy days. And though you can keep them on a leash, expect that their dirty and wet paws will give you an eye-twitch! To avoid this, give them a proper bath after their daily exercise and dry them up before letting them inside the house. Clean floors and sofas all around! (Read: 5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Disaster)

#5: Keep a Shoe and Umbrella Rack Near the Door

Photo from Design Cafe

Shoes and slippers are the number one culprit for dirty and wet floors. Keeping a shoe rack beside the door will prevent all the mud from getting to the inner parts of the house. Wet bags, umbrellas, and raincoats can also be placed near the door to avoid wet floors and for easy cleaning later on.

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