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5 Side Hustle Jobs That Won’t Break The Bank

If you have the time and wish to earn more, check this out!

“Side hustles,” “side gigs,” or “sidelines” are increasingly becoming a common term among Filipinos. A side hustle is a source of income that is not your primary occupation or employment.

And when is the better time to work on a side hustle than right now? Almost all of us are staying at home due to the pandemic, so if you have the energy and right mental state for it, you can actually improve your cash flow through working extra. (Read: 3 Valuable Tips to Bounce Back to a More Hopeful Year)

Here are five side hustles that won’t break the bank because only require a capital under P5,000:

Side Hustles: Freelance Writing

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If you’ve got a knack for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, why don’t you try freelance writing? This side hustle is time-consuming, however, so you have a limit on how much you can make in a month. But it’s a good way to predict how much you can make— which makes saving so much easier. (Read: Book Author Anne Marla Talks Love, Chasing Dreams, and More!)

Side Hustles: Selling Baked Goods

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Do you have a to-die-for chocolate chip cookie recipe? Then sell it online or otherwise! It may become tiring when orders start to pile up so remember to set a cap on how many orders you can take. (Read: Chemical Engineers Start Online Baking Business Amid Pandemic)

Side Hustles: Re-selling Preloved Items

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If you’re always on Facebook, you might have come across people live selling, right? If you don’t have a budget to buy new clothes and sell them… go through your closet and other things and start from there.

Got tons of clothes, bags, shoes, or other items that you don’t use but are still in good condition? Sell them off. You also get to declutter while earning in the process.

Side Hustles: Referring Home Buyers to Agents

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This does not require any form of capital at all. All you need to do is find someone who is looking for a home and refer them to a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. If things work out, you get to earn a commission. Easy, right?

Side Hustles: Events Hosting

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All you need is the talent and confidence to speak in crowds! Of course, you can’t get strangers as clients at first so networking comes in here. (Read: Putting a party together? We gathered the best advice from expert event planners!)

Market your services to friends and family first and impress them! Volunteer to become their host for free and if you get good feedback, create your own Facebook page and start to accept clients.

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