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5 Prayers For Employment

"Work is precisely from the human being. It expresses his dignity of being created in the image of God."

Pope Francis says that work is something sacred.

“Work is precisely from the human being. It expresses his dignity of being created in the image of God,” the Pope said.

With this, he added, managing employment “is a great human and social responsibility, which can’t be left in the hands of the few or discharged to a divinized market.” (Read: The Pope’s Employment History)

So if you are looking for employment– whether it’s your first job or switching careers– here are 5 prayers to get guidance from God.

Prayer to St. Joseph the Worker (For employment)

God our Father and our Creator, You bestow on Us gifts and talents to develop and use in accord with Your will. Grant to me, through the intercession of St. Joseph the Worker, As model and guide, employment and work, that I may with dignity, provide for those who depend upon me for care and support. Grant me the opportunities to use my energy and my talents and abilities for the good of all, and the glory of Your name. Amen

A Prayer to find Employment

God be with me today in finding employment. Lead me to work that I love, and that has value. Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect And cooperation, in a safe and happy environment. Help me to find fulfillment mentally and financially. Thank you God, for bringing this to me today!

Prayer For Work – Soon

Oh Merciful Father,I come to Your presence fully acknowledging that nothing is impossible with You. Lord, I lose heart when I am continually disappointed in my search for a job and when a job, which I like, goes to somebody else. Endless waiting and all the recommendations unavailing shatter my hope. My mind, under such circumstances, tends to degenerate into doubting Your might and questioning Your love. In all such situations, strengthen me to put my trust in You and to be patient in You.If my sins are a stumbling block to this blessing, I plead with You Father, to forgive them. Lord, I am also very much worried when I realize that I am not in a position to support my family. Turn every sorrow into joy. I know that You will definitely do so. Grant me a good job soon, according to Your will and in the place of Your own choice. Your will is my privilege. I praise You Lord, for hearing my prayer and for Your promise of a job for me soon. Amen

Prayer For A Steady Job

Lord, there are many people in our nation who are in need of a steady job with sufficient wages to care for themselves and their families. Help these people remain diligent in their job search. Give them the confidence they need to succeed and the perseverance to continue on when they become discouraged. Teach me to encourage those seeking employment and to offer them whatever assistance I can give. For all the unemployed in our nation, I offer my prayer that they might find productive work that enables them to use and develop their talents and skills and to meet their economic needs. Amen.

Prayer During Unemployment

Now that I am without work I realize how much meaning it gave to my life. And how bereft I feel without its routines and rituals…” No encounter in our lives lacks hidden significance: whatever the frustrations we face, there are opportunities for doing Your work at every moment of our lives. Our daily acts of kindness, of generosity and care, bring You into the world. This too is work, avodah, the service of God.” The work of redemption is never complete. It is our task amidst the vicissitudes of life, woven into our days, while our search for employment goes on.

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