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5 New Normal Essentials You Need to Have, Stat!

What of these products do you have at home?

As more and more people are getting vaccinated and the world opens up to a whole new normal, there are products and things that we didn’t know we need to have— until this pandemic happened.

While there are habits that we should still continue to do and practice, we should also keep in mind to have these products handy. After all, when it comes to our health and safety, one can never be too careful. (Read: 5 Quarantine Habits That You Should Keep Even After the Pandemic)

Here are five things that you should have in your house, purse, and your car as you navigate the new normal:

New Normal Essentials: Easy-to-Disinfect Bag

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If you want to stay safe yet still look chic while running your errands, it’s best to invest in a PVC bag. The style is definitely on trend so it is a perfect accessory in the new normal and the material is waterproof and easier to sanitize. PVC also does not absorb moisture and is durable even if disinfected daily.

New Normal Essentials: Rubber Shoes

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Because the Philippines is a tropical country, people love to wear their sandals or flip-flops when going out. However, at this time of a pandemic, we should keep ourselves covered. (Read: Improper Mask Wearing May Soon Land You In Jail – Here’s Why)

If you are an essential worker or you have to run a lot of errands outside your house, invest in quality footwear. Good rubber shoes will not only keep your feet safe but will also make walking more bearable given the difficulties in finding public transportation.

New Normal Essentials: UV Sterilizer and Air Purifier

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Gone are the days that you accept packages nonchalantly, or you unbox groceries without even caring who touched it and whether it has been disinfected. This is why now is the time to invest in UV Sterilizers.

You can opt to have a box so you just put your things inside and it does the cleaning for you. You should also consider getting an air purifier to disinfect the air inside your house of bacteria and harmful viruses.

New Normal Essentials: Supplements and Vitamins

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Right now, the most important thing is to keep our bodies healthy. One way to do that is to stock on vitamins and basic medicines such as antihistamine, loperamide, and paracetamol. (Read: WATCH: Dr. Dex Macalintal Recommends Food Against COVID-19)

Taking vitamins– Vitamin C, D, and Zinc– will boost your immune system. Again, you can never become too complacent when it comes to your health especially at this time.

New Normal Essentials: Face Masks

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In the new normal, wearing a mask (and a face shield) in public places is more of a requirement rather than a choice. Always have a stock of good masks at home. There are a variety of masks to choose from but you might want to consider using KN95 masks. These kinds of masks ensure 95% filtration keeping you and your loved ones safe. 

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