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5 Instagram Stores if You Want Modern Ornamental Plants

These stores deliver, so you won't have to go out!

Perhaps it is the lack of green, open space, or maybe it’s the aesthetic appeal, but decorative plants have become all the rage of the past and current year.

However, since we are still battling the ongoing pandemic, mobility is still limited so buying plants from gardens and stores is still not accessible for some. So what do? (Read: Taytay Tiangge and Dapitan Arcade Are Now Online!)

We suggest going online to shop for plants! Here are five stores on Instagram that could very well be a plantita or plantito‘s haven! 

Instagram Stores: Plants and Pots MNL

Photos from Plants & Pots Manila Facebook

Do you love plants and pink? Here’s an Instagram store that will fulfill all your aesthetic and plant desires. Plants and Pots MNL offer a variety of pink-tinged leaves and pastel pots. They also have flowering plants aside from typical indoor plants. Grab some organic tonics that will surely make your plant babies’ leaves shine and healthy. (Read: 5 Plants You Should Never Buy From Stores)

Instagram Stores: Plantita MNL

Photos from Plantita MNL Instagram

Shipping from Quezon City, Plantita MNL is every plant mom and dad’s dream. This Instagram store features a gorgeous array of indoor and outdoor plants— typical houseplants and succulents for your discerning tastes.

Tip: Always visit the store’s page for the occasional orchid or hibiscus flower. There are also contests and giveaways to followers every now and then. (Read: ‘Plant Lola’ Shares How Gardening Brought Her Joy Upon Retirement)

Instagram Stores: Pagbilan PH

Photo from Pagbilan PH Facebook

Pagbilan PH says it is a home garden in Nuvali, but people from the South say it is more than that! This Instagram store has become a favorite of many plant parents because of its gorgeous and healthy greens that come in different forms, shapes, and colors.

Visit their page, you’ll see that unlike other stores, Pagbilan PH has a clean, simple, and minimalist approach that makes your shopping hassle-free! (Read: Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Certified Plant Parent)

Instagram Stores: Shop Leaf PH

Photo from Shopleaf Plant Studio Facebook

If you’re not a plant parent yourself but know of one, check out Shop Leaf PH on Instagram. They offer gift cards if you wish to plant for someone else. They also have a website that makes ordering plants seamless and hassle-free.

Shop Leaf PH has a wide array of indoor and flowering plants that will surely suit your taste and prettify your place. (Read: Hey, We Might Have New Varieties of Gumamela, Hoya Plants Soon!)

Instagram Stores: Nest Plant Studio

Photos from Nest Plant Studio (NPS) Instagram

Nest Plant Studio has been potting since 2017. Aside from their pretty and healthy plants, they also have customized pots that you can gift to your favorite plant mom or dad. Check out their website at nestplantstudio.com for more artsy pots and some facts about plants if you’re a new plant parent and just trying out your green thumb.

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