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WATCH: 5 Home Improvement Tips and Tricks From Slater Young

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Many know Slater Young as the grand winner of the ninth season of Pinoy Big Brother and for being the husband of lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy. But recently, the Cebuano civil engineer and businessman has become everyone’s favorite kapitbahay.

Through his Instagram (@thatguyslater) and Youtube channel, Slater is now known as the all-around-do-it-yourself dude who dispenses tips and tricks on how to easily maintain one’s home— minus the big-spending budget and hassle!

Slater also recommends tools that he has tried, giving trusted and honest reviews on their value and efficiency. (Read: 4 Facebook Groups for Your Everyday Dose of Positivity)

Let’s check out some of the tips and tricks that this kapitbahay generously shares:

Tips by Slater Young: Use Sugar to Address Ant Infestation

Though living in their resort-style abode, the Slater and his wife Kryz also have an ant problem in the Skypod. “We were having ants problem as well. And si Kryz is super allergic to ants. So pag nakagat sya, namamaga talaga and it lasts for months,” Slater said. (Read: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind When You Set up Your Belen This Advent)

So what is Slater’s solution to this household predicament? Sugar– mixed with Borax, or sodium tetraborate, a cleaning powder that has been used for decades. With this solution, the ants are not just killed instantly but they also have a chance to bring the ant poison to their hives. Voila! Ant problem solved. Click here to see the full video.

Tips by Slater Young: Ensure Safety Before Replacing an Outlet

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Due to the pandemic, we cannot just call repair people to come to our house just as easily pre-pandemic. So what do you do when you absolutely need to replace the electric outlet in your house? Slater says to make sure that you and your family are safe before dabbling with anything electric.

One of these safety tips is to make sure that you turn off the breaker first before taking out the screws and detaching the wires. He also advises on labeling the breakers according to the sections in your house and using an outlet that has a sensor that will automatically shut off when something goes wrong. (Read: This is the REAL Reason Why You Must Clean Your Kitchen Sponge)

But when all else fails and you think you run the risk of electrocuting yourself— or burning down your house— Slater says, “call a professional!” See more of his tips here. 

Tips by Slater Young: Fix Leaks With a Weatherstrip

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No house is perfect but it gets especially annoying if you have leaking windows and doors whenever it rains, right? Not only is it a safety hazard because you might slip but it can also damage floors— especially if you have wooden floorboards— and furniture. (Read: 3 Ways to Start Living Zero-Waste This 2021)

In under two minutes, Slater gives out an easy and fast DIY solution: install a weatherstrip. You can easily buy one online or in hardware stores. Check out his tip here

Tips by Slater Young: Remove House Smells With Four Solutions

Slater says that the most asked question since he started dishing out tips and tricks in his social media accounts was, “Slater, why is my toilet so stinky? Or why is this bedroom that I’m not using stinking up?” His solution? He has four!

One of the easiest is to pour water into all your drains so as not to dry out the pipes. The other three? Here’s his video explaining them— with diagrams and models, in true Slater Young fashion.

Tips by Slater Young: Allocate Space for the Perfect Bedroom

Arguably, Skypod is one of the most functional celebrity houses in the country— thanks to Slater being an engineer and to Kryz’s eye for detail. This is why the Skypod’s master bedroom has been the inspiration for many home designers and DIY-ers.

Slater shared how he and Kryz envisioned and executed the design for their bedroom. One of his design tips? Make sure that you have more than enough space to put stuff in— and his solution is bigger doors! (Read: 5 Home Decoration Tips Inspired by Catholic Saints)

Slateralso has tips for location, where to place the aircon, what kind of flooring to consider, ventilation, and many more. Check them all out here

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