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3 Ways You Can Help Small Businesses Without Paying Out

Rina Seguin, owner of 'The Dessert Board,' gives us easy tips!

Because of the pandemic, many have started their own businesses to either have it as their main source of income, or as additional financial support for them and their families. And admittedly, the business that’s been booming lately is the food businesses— that’s why a lot of people have been promoting their own dishes and pastries on social media.

One of those who started her own food amid the pandemic is Rina Seguin, a communications graduate. She owns The Dessert Board, a brand that sells affordable and unique desserts on Instagram.

“I chose to offer something that’s not usually seen in the online food business industry,” Rina tells My Pope Philippines. (Read: A Millennial’s Tip on How to Start an Online Business Amid Pandemic)

But as a seller and business owner, Rina also understands that not everyone who sees her posts or products can purchase from her— especially during the pandemic.

“Right now, I can say that the toughest thing to do is to maintain a consistent streamline of customers,” Rina explains. That’s why My Pope asked how we can support small businesses like hers even if we can’t buy from them.

#1: Like and Comment on Their Posts

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“It may not seem much, but it already helps in boosting the posts’ visibility in social media platforms,” says RinaBy liking and commenting on a post, you “bump” the post and make it visible to your circle who may not be aware of the brand but can now see its posts.

#2: Share Their Posts Online

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Similar to liking and commenting, sharing a brand’s posts will increase people’s awareness of it. According to Rina, it helps the page garner more likes and views, and helps with expanding its reach. (Read: Laid-Off Chefs Team up to Start Online Food Business Amid Pandemic)

#3: Talk About Their Products

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Rina says can also ‘share’ the brand with others by personally talking about the brand— especially if you’ve already tried their products. Sharing the word by mouth will increase a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness because an actual customer is sharing their experience with it!

The Dessert Board offers Oreo Banana Pudding, Cinnamon Apple Float, and Strawberry Mousse Dream for only P395 for a 1000mL box. You can check them out on Instagram, @dessertboardmnl.

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