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3 Ways You Can Help Ensure Food Security in the Coming Years

Help the Earth remain food secure by doing these easy tips!

According to 2016 data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, an estimated 815 million out of over seven billion people in the world are undernourished or hungry. That is 1 out of 10 people that’s not getting the right amount of nourishment. This has become a huge problem and will further become a problem by the year 2050.

It is estimated that by the year 2050, two billion more people will be living on Earth. However, food production was found to be slowing down in the past years—which means food security could become a huge problem in the future. It comes as increasing food production is also a challenge, as it would mean increasing (and eventually depleting) the Earth’s natural resources, especially freshwater. (Read: LIST: Fruits and Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Leftovers)

So what can we do right now to help fight food insecurity before we actually have to face the issue? Read on!

Reduce Food Waste

Every year, the United States chucks nearly 40 percent of its food. (Photo from Maximilian Stock Ltd. / Getty Images / Student Environmental Education Coalition)

We’ve all been told by our parents and grandparents to not waste food because many don’t even have the privilege to eat on a daily basis. And it still rings true to this day, but apart from that, another reason now not to waste food is because we might face food insecurity years from now. It’s better to save food now, than have a hard time looking for it in the future. Like the cliché saying, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Write to Government Officials

Photos from Tes and The Broker

While we can help in our own little ways, there’s just so much we can do to help with food security. But if we want to have a bigger impact, we can write emails or letters to our local government officials to amend food policies to ensure that food security will remain a top priority.

Establish Good Farming Practices

Photo from Noobie

During the quarantine, many have dabbled into gardening and plant-caring. This is something we can actually put to better use from now on! By practicing urban gardening (and good farming practices), we can provide ourselves with our own food supply at home. We can also teach our children and neighbors how to practice good farming so that they, too, can do the same.

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