3 Unusual Toppings You Can Try for National Taco Day - image  on https://www.mypope.com.ph
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
3 Unusual Toppings You Can Try for National Taco Day - image MPVisit_LEADERBOARD_728x90 on https://www.mypope.com.ph
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3 Unusual Toppings You Can Try for National Taco Day

You can even use our very own longganisa in your taco!

Today, October 4, the United States is celebrating National Taco Day—a day that recognizes the deliciousness of the Mexican taco. But what really is a taco?

The word taco is Mexican for “sandwich,” which is what it actually is. The bread is in the form of a tortilla and the filling consists of spiced ground meat—beef, pork, or sometimes fish—with vegetables, cheese, and different sauces. Usually, it would be salsa, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and cheese only, but some adventurous people have tried to put other stuff on their tacos! (Read: Octoberfest Special: 3 Alcoholic Beverages With Catholic Origins)

So to celebrate National Taco Day, we are listing down several unconventional taco toppings you can use when making tacos. We will also be including a substitute for it if the specific ingredient isn’t locally available in the Philippines.

Taco Toppings: Spicy Chorizo

Photos from The Tapas Lunch Company and Tasty Kitchen

Because tacos are already filled with spiced meat, it’s not often that you see someone using chorizo or other processed meat in their taco. But if you want your taco a little less messy, you can chorizo as a substitute for your meat. If you can’t find chorizo in a store near you, you can also use garlicky longganisa like Lucban or Vigan longganisa!

Taco Toppings: French Fries

Photos from The Food in My Beard

There’s no doubt that french fries are delicious on its own or paired with another dish like burgers or fried fish fillet. But some have also tried it as a taco filling and they loved it! Think of it as an additional vegetable to your taco. You can also use sweet potato (camote) if you want to have a hint of sweetness to your dish. (Read: Stock up on these 5 vegetables that won’t spoil easily)

Taco Toppings: Mushrooms

Photos from Medical News Today and OneGreenPlanet

You would usually find mushrooms in burgers, soups, and sauces, but not in tacos—until now. These mushrooms will add a bit more texture to your tacos and will simply make it more delicious. It is also great if paired with bell peppers or Poblano peppers!

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