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3 Things That Keep You From Realizing Your True Potential

How does one live a religious life and still work towards aiming for their goals?

One of the principles that are tightly linked to Filipinos’ religiosity is “Learn to be contented with what you have in life.” This is of course pre-telling how it is not advisable to always want something that makes us far from divinity.

We all know that greed is a sin. But at the same time, grinding for more success and wanting to actualize your full potential is not at all bad. (Read: Five ways to do soul-searching while in quarantine)

This same thing can be applied to contentment— “Just because you feel contented doesn’t mean it’s fulfillment,” motivational speaker Les Brown said.

So how do you live a religious life and still work towards actualizing your full potential? We suggest that you take a step back, look around, and reflect on these three things!


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When people find comfort in their zone, they are more likely to not want to take risks. This can be detrimental in the long run.

While it is natural to be afraid of something, letting the fear take over you is negligence to your call for growth. It is good to take risks and face challenges, as this is how people grow mentally and spiritually.


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The world is so vast, but how come many of us think only of our personal interests? (Read: 3 Personalities Who Overcame Challenges With the Help of Charity)

Let us not be ignorant of what is happening around us — think about other people’s health, the next generation, the environment, people from other cultures. Once we take a step back and put the spotlight away from ourselves, only then will we be able to find meaning in actualizing our full potential.

Imbalanced Faith

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Often, fear combined with ignorance results in imbalanced faith. When we focus on God, some of us forget about our neighbors.

Just always remember the golden rule: If you love God, you must also love your neighbors.

So seek your full potentials by getting out of yourself— dare to be of help to others! “There is no passion to be found playing small-in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,” Nelson Mandela said.


Text by John Caballes and Aizel Dolom.

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