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3 Things I Loved About Seventeen’s ‘Power of Love’ Concert

It made me miss physical concerts so much more!

Pre-pandemic, I was a frequent concertgoer. If there was a Manila leg for my favorite artists’ concerts or tours, you can bet I’m already telling my mom I want to go, and planning if I’ll personally line up for tickets or just buy them online. But of course, with the pandemic, large gatherings like concerts were one the first events that were cancelled.

While I do miss the concert scene, I understand why we need to hold off on them for now. Luckily, artists and entertainment companies have found a way to still hold concerts and events for fans—virtually!

On November 14, I was able to attend another one for my favorite Kpop group, Seventeen! Called ‘Power of Love’, the concert is a two-Sunday event that will feature some of the newest songs that the group has put out in the recent months. (Read: 3 Reasons To Check Out SEVENTEEN’s New Album, ‘Attacca’)

Here are my favorite parts about the virtual concert (which also undeniably made me miss in-person concerts even more).

New performances

Photos from Bandwagon Asia

Seventeen came out with their 9th mini album, Attacca, back in October. So naturally, they performed these new songs for Power of Love. But there were also songs from their June comeback, Your Choice, that were sung during the concert! It made me so excited because it was the first time they performed these non-main track live. And it was so cute to see new choreographies for their old songs as well!

Different arrangements

Photos from Bandwagon Asia

As with many live performers, Seventeen also changes the arrangements for their songs every concert. And for Power of Love, there were a lot of songs they changed the arrangements. To say it was amazing is an understatement because I now want them to actually release a studio recording of the new versions! As the younger generation says these days, they were *chef’s kiss*. (Read: Watch Your K-pop Favorites In KBS World’s Online K-pop Concert Compilation)

New looks

Photos from Bandwagon Asia

Kpop idols are known to change their hairstyles every so often. And this concert, some members of Seventeen changed hairstyles! One of my biases, Wonwoo, got highlights and it suited him. I was also happy with the outfits their stylists put them in, especially when they put my ultimate bias, Mingyu, in a maroon jacket with the first letter of my name *kilig*!

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