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3 Sourdough Bread Varieties That You Can Bake at Home

Join the sourdough hype with these recipes!

Over the past months, baking and cooking have become all the rage. Men and women, young and old, have tried their hand at cooking to either stay productive amid the quarantine, or start a new business to generate extra income.

One of the foods that have become popular amid the quarantine is sourdough bread— a type of baked good that uses lactobacilli (good bacteria) and wild yeast from a type of fermented flour. This fermentation is what gives the sourdough bread a relatively tangier flavor and chewier texture compared to the regular ones. (Read: ‘No-knead bread’ is all the rage these days—and we fully get why!)

What’s even more interesting about sourdough bread is that it has a handful of varieties that come from different corners of the world. And because it’s all the rage right now, My Pope Philippines is listing some of the most popular kinds of sourdough bread— and giving you recipes for it!

Sourdough Recipes: San Franciscan

Photo from Weekend Bakery

It is a known fact that San Francisco is the place to be when it comes to sourdough. Many say that San Francisco makes one of the best sourdoughs and is different from other sourdoughs out there.

San Franciscan sourdough has a tangier flavor than others because it uses a different kind of good bacteria for fermentation. The San Franciscan sourdough has a signature sourness to it that no one can replicate. Find the recipe here.

Sourdough Recipes: Desem

Photo from A Traditional Life

Desem is a sourdough variety that hails from Belgium. Considered whole wheat bread, desem is perfect for those who want to lower their carb intake and those who are looking for a ‘healthier’ option. (Read: 3 Quick And Easy Recipes From ‘A Catholic Mom’s Life’ YouTube)

What sets apart desem from other sourdough bread is that because of the wheat, it has a distinct nutty flavor to it, on top of the tanginess. Plus, it’s indeed a healthy choice! Here is the recipe.

Sourdough Recipes: Danish Rye

Photo from The Daring Gourmet

As its name implies, Danish Rye comes from Denmark— and this variety is extremely healthy! Danish rye is low in sugar, fat, and gluten; perfect for those who are watching what they eat or are concerned with their health, especially now in this health crisis.

Plus, some bakers even add whole grains and seeds for added texture and nutritional value! Get the recipe here.

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