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3 Royal Women Who Became Saints

These women are the OG Kweens!

If you think royalty, you will probably come up with the words privileged, rich, and fortunate— probably not saintly or holy, right?

However, throughout history, many kings, queens, princes, and princesses have been either great sinners or inspiring saints. They all had a choice to use their power and wealth for the greater good or to lord over others to fulfill their own personal desires.

Despite the evil schemes you might have heard or watched, many royals followed Jesus Christ and walked each day praying to live a holy life. (Read: Here’s Where You Have Seen the Cast of ‘The Crown’ Before) Here are three royal women whom the Vatican deemed worthy to be recognized as saints!

Royal Saints: St. Helena of Constantinople

Photo from Catholic Online

More famous in the Philippines as the historical Reyna Elena during sagalas, St. Helena of Constantinople is the Empress of the Roman Empire and the mother of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. (Read: Who are all the other beautiful Reynas who are part of the Santacruzan?)

Between the years 326-328, Helena went to the Holy Places in the Middle East. During that journey, Helena had many churches built and discovered of the miraculous three crosses.

Royal Saints: St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Photos from Catholic Fire and Markus Spiske from Pexels

A princess of the Kingdom of Hungary during the 13th century, St. Elizabeth was widely known for her generosity to the poor— she is often depicted holding bread. (Read: Women Leaders Speak Up to Duterte’s Latest Sexist Remark)

St. Elizabeth is the patroness of Catholic charities and of the Secular Franciscan Order. The daughter of the King of Hungary, she chose a life of penance and simplicity over leisure and luxury. This choice has endeared her in the hearts of the common people throughout Europe. 

Royal Saints: St. Margaret of Scotland

Photo from Catholic Online

St. Margaret is an English princess and Scottish queen during the 11th century who initiated a religious reform all over Scotland. (Read: LOOK: Princess Sofia of Sweden trades tiara to become a frontliner)

Her kind nature and good heart had been a strong influence in the heart of his husband, Malcolm Canmore III, the king of Scotland. She softened his temper and helped him become a virtuous king. Together, the couple prayed, fed the hungry, and became a powerful example of living faith in action.

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