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3 Reasons Why You Should Get The REwear Face Masks

Face masks have easily become essential for everyone with the COVID-19 pandemic developing new variant strains every so often. And because we have been battling this pandemic for over a year, we have been introduced to different kinds of face masks in the market. But have you tried REwear Face Masks?

The REwear Face Mask is made through the efforts of the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) and is a two-piece, four-layer re-usable, and washable mask.

If you are still on the lookout for the perfect face mask, here are three reasons why you should consider REwear. (Read: The Ifugao Weave Face Masks You Didn’t Know You Needed)

It has the seal of approval from the World Health Organization

“It is now evident that the scientific perspective applied to the development of the REwear Face Mask has good basis as it is found to conform to the recommendations recently made by the World Health Organization (WHO),” DOST-PTRI said.

“In light of scientific evidence, the WHO finally endorsed the use of masks to the public as a part of prevention and control measures in this time of the COViD-19 (coronavirus disease) pandemic,” it added. (Read: UP lets you make your own face masks with new DIY tutorial)

DOST-PTRI’s Rewear Face Mask adheres to World Health Organization Guidelines (Photo from DOST – PTRI Facebook)

It protects yet breathable

The REwear mask is made up of four layers of cotton-rich fabrics

REwear mask is made up of four layers of cotton-rich fabrics. The innermost layer is absorbent (hydrophilic), the middle layer consists of two pieces of fabric for additional filtration capability, while the outer layer is water-repellent (hydrophobic) to prevent the absorption of liquid droplets that may contain microbes and viruses. (Read: 5 Online Stores That Sell Cute Face Masks for Christmas)

“The outer layer is infused with DOST-PTRI’s textile treatment technology that renders a fabric resistant to a liquid without affecting its breathability,” DOST-PTRI said. “Additionally, the shape of the REwear mask is duckbill or curved,” it added.

It is proudly “gawang Pinoy”

Boxes of REwear Face Masks. (Photo from PTRI)

The REwear Face Mask is scientifically made by Pinoy scientists in the DOST. They are also calling for local traders to commercialize the product to make it more accessible to Filipinos. If you wish to buy the REwear, visit the DOST-PTRI Facebook page.


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