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3 Powerful Prayers for Scholarship Applications

Lord, guide me as I prepare for this wonderful opportunity that You have graciously given me.

Prayer For Scholarship Interview

Dear Lord Jesus, I am quite nervous, as I have been asked to attend an interview for a scholarship for which I have applied. Oh Lord, this is such an amazing opportunity and I pray that You will lead and guide me in all the necessary preparations I will have to make, as well as enabling me to face the interview panel with poise, wisdom and courage.

Lord, I know that my times are in Your hands and that You know exactly the path I am going to take, even though I do not, yet I do so want to do my best and to properly prepare for this interview, and I pray that You would guide me as to how best to present myself at the meeting, and help me to get a feel of the questions I should be asking and answering.

I pray that I may find grace in the eyes of the panel and that You would be with me in the days that lie ahead, as I prepare myself for this wonderful opportunity that I know You have graciously given me. Thank You Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Student’s Scholarship Prayer

Dear God, you know that I have applied for a scholarship so that I can complete my studies and I ask Lord that I may find favour in the eyes of the panel who makes the decision on awarded offered this scholarship, knowing that it seems to be the only way that I will be in a position to finish my schooling.

Lord, I think that there are different levels of scholarship awards and I am praying that I may be granted the full scholarship, not only the tuition fees but the accommodation and other hidden expenses that inevitably come in a study program.

Lord God, I know that I am asking for a miracle but I also know that you are a God of miracles. You are a God of the impossible, and I give this request to You and pray that I would find grace and favour in the eyes of the selection committee. Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayer and I offer my life to You Lord, to Your praise and glory. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Thank You For My Scholarship

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You with all my heart that You have heard and answered my request for a scholarship, so that I may continue my studies, for which I praise and thank You. Lord, it is such a thrill to know that I have been awarded this scholarship and I pray that I will work conscientiously and hard for the duration of the course, and emerge having done my best.

Lord, I really do just want to thank You with all my heart. I know that there are many times that I have not shown the gratitude and thanks that You deserve, for all good things come from You, and I remember that only one of the ten lepers returned to say, ‘thank you’, and I don’t want to be numbered in the camp of those that are ungrateful.

Help me prepare myself for this new course of study and help me I pray, with all the preliminary preparations that I need to make before I go, as well as tying up any loose ends so that I do not dishonour You in any way, Thank You again Lord, and I pray that You will be with me every moment of this course of study and that in all things I may be a good and faithful witness to Your goodness and grace. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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