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3 Millennials Share Why They Choose To Stay In The City… And Why They Moved

Would you rather choose convenience or calmness?

Living it up in the city or chilling down in the province? It’s been an ongoing debate that remains unsettled up to now, especially for millennials who are all about #adulting.

Investing in a home is definitely one of the major decisions that everyone needs to figure out and it’s not an easy one. You have to take into consideration many things– career and educational opportunities, mode of transportation, and most importantly location.

While almost everyone– and we mean, city people– are moving to the province or cities outside Metro Manila, there are still those who prefer to be in the center of it all. So if you’re deciding whether to move or stay in the city, perhaps these three millennials will help you decide! Read on.

Jayson Sio, 35

Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

I’d choose the city, definitely– for accessibility’s sake and convenience. Especially now that work from home is common and I rarely go out of the house, pollution isn’t really a problem. I think I’ll stay in the city for a long while unless there is enough reason and good enough plans to move to the countryside. It’s probably easy to say that anyone can move to the province instantly, but in reality, you can’t just uproot yourself from where you grew up since you were a child. (Read: LIST: Areas Covered By Dito Mobile Services)

While provincial laid-back life plus all the nature and beautiful views are quite enticing, I believe you can only truly appreciate all that if you’re not working and is out to travel or explore most of the time. But in my case, I can only think of those activities once (if I’m lucky twice) a year on the rarest of times that I am not working.

Rosh Poyugao, 27

Photo by Hoàng Chương from Pexels

I prefer city living. Iba kasi yung dalang excitement and spontaneity kapag sa city nakatira. ‘Yung hustle and struggle tapos yung fulfillment na dala after a day’s work–it fulfills the drive of a certain age group.

There’s the availability of lifestyle centers, malls, bars, and also transport. You can go out with your friends or kahit solo lang, may mga establishments na ready to accommodate you. And even if you stay out all night, there is something to do, somewhere to go. (Read: Travel Guidelines: 3 Things You Need to Know)

Paoly Pacheco, 28

Photo by John Alvin Merin on Unsplash

I live in the province and will stay here. Nakaka-relax, tahimik ang lugar, walang traffic, walang maingay na kapitbahay. Simple lang. There is decent medical care and even the schools are accessible. The community is super good, too! (Read: Millennial Farmer Shares Wise Words About Farming and Chasing Dreams)

Maybe it’s me but I really like the simplicity of living in the countryside.

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