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3 Healthy Dishes That Use Cashews

Add a hint of nuttiness to your favorite dishes!

Today, we celebrate National Cashew Day!

Relatively every day of the year, there’s a special occasion or celebration that we hear about. And we’re not talking about Christmas or New Year or Independence Day. We’re talking those mundane and trivial commemorative days such as National Milkshake Day or National Fried Chicken Day. These celebrations are just fun to commemorate, plus there are times when establishments that carry that certain product give out samples or treats for free!

On this day, My Pope Philippines share 3 dishes to incorporate this healthy and delicious snack! (Read: Vegan Recipes to Try This World Vegan Month)

Cashew Chicken

Photo from Once Upon a Chef

Add a hint of nuttiness to chicken by adding some cashews to it! This recipe will call for roasted cashews and some simple ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen cabinets. The cooking time of cashew chicken is only around 30 minutes which means you can cook it even if you’re busy with meetings or school!

Get the recipe here.

Cashew Fettucine Alfredo

Photo from A Couple Cooks

If you want to level up you usual white sauce pasta, why not add cashews to the mix? Use the cashews to make a creamy, nutty sauce for your favorite pasta, which your friends and family will surely love! Not only is it more delicious, but also nutritious thanks to the added cashews.

Try it now using this recipe.

Veggie-Cashew Stir Fry

Photo from Taste of Home

Make your favorite veggie dish even healthier by adding cashews to it. This veggie-cashew stir fry will make you get another serving of rice for sure! You can even add the stir fry to cooked noodles if you want to change the way you eat it.

Check it out here.

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