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3 Grocery Items You Can Gift Your Grab Rider

Surprise your Grab Rider and their families through the 'Groceries for your Rider' feature!

In April 2020, delivery service Grab launched its ‘Food for your Riders’ feature on the app. The new feature was introduced to allow customers to say thank you to their trusty food delivery riders by buying them a meal or beverage from the establishment they ordered from.

“Despite all the uncertainties, they put themselves out there in the service of others. So, it’s only right to support the livelihood of our GrabFood frontliners by appreciating their reliable service in the best way we know how,” Grab posted on their website. (Read: An Angkas Rider’s Daily Hustle Amid Pandemic)

The Food for your Riders feature is on top of the regular tipping feature in-app which allows you to give a tip to your rider, in addition to the delivery fee.

But for this year, to help the rider-frontliners who tirelessly fall in line to order our food or buy our groceries, Grab added the ‘Groceries for your Rider’ feature which will run until May 31.

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Groceries for your Rider is a new function where customers can buy groceries for their riders. (Read: GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, Coins.ph – What’s Their Difference?)

Grab announced the limited-time-only program on May 1, Labor Day, to honor all the GrabFood, Grab Pabili, and Grab Express riders who are working double time amid the pandemic to support their families.

Because this is such a generous program, a value that Pope Francis gives importance to, My Pope Philippines is listing some groceries you can get for your Grab riders!

Grocery for your Grab Rider: Rice

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Almost all Filipinos have to have rice at least once a day because we grew up in a culture that loves their rice. But admittedly, rice can be a little expensive especially for daily wage earners, and they would just get to eat rice on occasion.

That is why it is a good idea to get your Grab riders a kilo or two of rice, which will already tide a family of four by for at least two days worth of meals.

Grocery for your Grab Rider: Bread

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and health experts are encouraging everyone to eat it. But families who have a limited budget might just skip breakfast and jump right into lunch at noon. (Read: Prank No More: House Bill to Penalize Cancelled Food Delivery Orders)

Bread can be their breakfast option, partnered with a cup of milk or coffee, so as not to miss the first meal of the day.

Grocery for your Grab Rider: Canned goods

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Canned goods are probably the least expensive groceries you can get these Grab riders. One can of sardines costs as low as P7, which means your P100 can go a long way. There are also canned goods that aren’t sardines, but instead are common Filipino viands (ulam) such as afritada, caldereta, and bopis. Plus, canned goods have a longer shelf life!

You can buy groceries for your riders from the following participating supermarkets and stores: Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, WalterMart, Ministop, Watsons, Generika Drugstore, Nestle, Unilever, Mondelez, PepsiCo, and BioFlu.

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