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3 Food Phobias You Might Have Never Heard Of

Yes there are actually fears you have never known of!

As humans, it’s normal that we have fears about certain things. It can be as simple as a fear of injections, or as serious as a fear of heights. And serious–sometimes called irrational–fears, when really severe, are referred to as phobias. People may have hydrophobia or a fear of water, claustrophobia or fear of enclosed spaces, or even cynophobia or fear of dogs.

But did you know that it isn’t only things like animals, closed (or open) spaces, and water that some people have phobias of? There are people who actually have a severe fear of food and related things! And we’re not just talking about how they might just not want to eat a certain food item–we’re talking about how they are actually scared of food. (Read: Food, Family, And Fame: Chef RV Manabat On Becoming A Well-Loved Chef)

So here are some food-related phobias that you might have never heard of, so we can all learn about it together.


Illustration by Belle – Luxsika Wunjai for RockYou

Cibophobia is an irrational fear of food. People with this phobia will avoid any food or drink as they are afraid of the food itself. But it’s not always that they are afraid of all kinds of food and drinks–sometimes, they only have a fear of a certain type of food like perishables.


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We all know someone who dislikes eating vegetables because they taste bland or bitter. But people with lachanophobia have a deep fear of vegetables in general. And yes, it may sound weird or trivial, but people with this phobia can actually present symptoms even just at the sight of a piece of vegetable. Those living with lachanophobia can hyperventilate or feel nauseated when they see vegetables.


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This mouthful phobia describes an irrational fear of chopsticks. People who have this fear may feel anxious around or if they see any chopsticks near them. There is no specific cause to this phobia yet, but some say it may be caused by genetic predisposition or one’s environment.

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