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Hey, You Should Definitely Follow These Adorable Shih Tzus Online!

Surely, these cute pups will make your day brighter!

While we advocate for your right and duty to be informed, we understand how stressful it is to scroll and see bad news after bad news every day.

We get it, it’s easy to get lost in this barrage of information and go down the rabbit hole of “doomscrolling.” But if you want to take a much-needed and much-deserved break, check out these adorable Shih Tzu accounts that are worth the like and follow.

Surely, these cute pups will make you smile amid everything when you see them on your social media feed! (Read: 3 Dog YouTube Channels to Watch For Good Vibes)

Adorable Shih Tzus: Paningning and the Gang

Photos from The Real Paningning Facebook

Years ago, Paningning became viral for her unusual sleeping position. Her furmom Janessa Cua posted pictures of the adorable, then 2-month-old Shih Tzu to a Facebook dog group, and the rest is history. (Read: Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Diet for Your Dog)

Today, Paningning enjoys life with her brothers and sisters, Pudding, Baobei, and Pearl. The cute fur babies were also featured in Cosmopolitan Philippines for their furrr-fect smile and cuteness. 

Adorable Shih Tzus: Kier Bear With His Furry Tails

Photos from Kier Bear with his Furry Tails Facebook

Adorable Kier Bear loves to eat so he’s always the loyal bantay of his furmom when she’s in the kitchen. Sometimes, he’s with his Tatay Tiny, Mama Bubbles, Ate Bebe Girl, Ate Boo, Kuya Lebron, and Kuya Kobe.

Kier Bear is the youngest in their family and is the adorable leader because of his cute smile and large appetite. (Read: IN PHOTOS: The Most Adorable Costumes Made for Pets)

Adorable Shih Tzus: Luffy B the Smiling Dog

Photos from Luffy B Tiktok

Just like Paningning, Luffy B became viral as well— but this time, because of his killer smile. His furmom Sarah Jayne Balbidadez posted a video of Luffy smiling widely when the 8-month old pup caught sight of her while in the groomer. (Read: Adopt Your New Fur-mily Member Through This Pet Directory!)

Another video of him smiling while waiting for his turn at the vet also went viral on social media and even got him on the news! While waiting, Luffy saw a female Shih Tzu waiting for her turn as well, Luffy’s mom teased the pup and his reaction was priceless— a smile of pure kilig

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