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4 Food Trends to Expect This Year, According to Experts

From food boards to fermenting, this year has a lot in store for foodies!

It has only been seven days since we welcomed 2021— a time for new beginnings and more hopeful days. And with the new year also comes trends in clothes, lifestyle, and even food!

For the year 2021, experts say that people have a lot to look forward to in the food department. Most of their predictions root from 2020 food trends that made waves in the past year, saying that these will carry on for this year with added twists and flavors. (Read: 3 Food Items That Bear the Illuminating ‘Color of the Year’)

So if you’re a foodie, you might want to read on as My Pope Philippines lists the food trend predictions for 2021!

2021 Food Trends: Pickling or Fermenting

Photo from ally j from Pixabay

Ever since the rise of Korean dramas, food, and music groups, many have tried their hand at fermenting vegetables because of kimchi. Now, food experts are saying that the trend will still prevail this year — but with even more types of food! (Read: 3 Korean Dishes to Relive Your Best K-Drama Moments)

For Filipinos, in particular, fermenting has a special place in our hearts because of our different types of buro. So this food trend is definitely something to look forward to.

2021 Food Trends: Food Boards

Photo from Mom On Timeout

Last Christmas, many people posted to social media their own versions of the charcuterie board. The charcuterie board is a board (or plate) with several types of food like biscuits, meat, and fruits that are usually paired with wine. And this year, the charcuterie board and all other kinds of food boards will still be trending because it’s not only delicious, but it’s also Instagram-worthy! (Read: Your Guide to Wine and Cheese Pairings for Special Occasions)

2021 Food Trends: At-Home Restaurant Recipes


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people had to stay at home and restaurants had to adjust to the quarantine situation. While some, unfortunately, had to close down, others made innovations to their menu so that it could be available for takeout and delivery.

And since the health crisis is still not done, “at-home restaurants” will still be making waves this year. This could mean recreating your favorite restaurant recipes at home or ordering from your favorite restaurants and eating it at home. (Read: 3 Restaurants That Have Ready-To-Cook Packs of Their Bestsellers)

2021 Food Trends: Virtual Cooking Classes

Photo from Getty images / Good Housekeeping

While we’re on the topic of quarantine and isolation, it’s evident that many have transitioned to online platforms — for school, work, hangouts, and even dates. This also includes learning sessions and workshops such as webinars, talks, and non-education-related classes like cooking. (Read: 5 TikTok Accounts to Follow for Easy Recipes)

For this year, virtual cooking classes will be all the rage. With the majority of us not allowed to go outside for non-essential errands, many are choosing to take online classes to learn and become productive even in isolation.

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