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‘1Godly Vote’ Voters’ Education Campaign Launched By Manila Archdiocese

Voters' registration will run until September 30.

The Archdiocese of Manila recently launched the ‘1Godly Vote’ campaign with the aim to educate more voters on the upcoming election.

A highly digital campaign, 1Godly Vote will be utilizing social media platforms to spread the word about candidates’ platforms, plans, and credentials. And since there are only 20 days left for new voters to register for the upcoming 2022 national elections, people are still encouraged to register if they haven’t yet. (Read: #TayoNaman Trends, Encourages Younger Generation To Register For 2022 PH Elections)

According to Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Permanent Committee on Public Affairs, the campaign will also share with the public each candidate’s stand on various issues and existing policies. They will also educate people on the qualities that we need for a “renewed kind of politics.”

Focusing on moral principles

Filipino women casting their votes at a polling centre in Manila on May 9, 2016, during the elections. (Photo from AFP/The Straits Times)

“Our motivation is to achieve a renewed kind of politics by focusing more on the following: moral principles than on the latest polls, the concerns and needs of the weak than on benefits for the strong and powerful, and the pursuit of the common good than on the demands of narrow and selfish interests,” added Fr. Secillano during an online press conference.

He added that 1Godly Vote will not only target Catholic voters, and everyone is welcome to listen to and participate in discussions, and attend events hosted by the archdiocese. “This program or campaign is not a promotion of Catholic dogmas or doctrines but a means to achieve greater understanding of societal issues, leading voters to make informed choices during the election,” the priest clarified. (Read: Hey, Catholics! Bishop Pabillo Has This Advise for the 2022 Elections)

The number of registered voters recently breached the 61-million mark. If you have not yet registered for Halalan 2022, you may still do so until the end of the month. Visit COMELEC’s official website for complete details.

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