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10 grocery must-haves to help you plan a week’s worth of meals

Don't forget to put these items on the list for your next grocery trip!

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) imposed on the Luzon island, the movement of the general public has been limited. Public transportation ceased operations and non-essential establishments and businesses such as malls and amusement parks have been closed. Households were also provided quarantine passes to monitor and regulate those who can go outside their houses to avoid the gathering of a large number of individuals in one place.

In turn, those with passes limit going out to once or twice a week to purchase groceries and attend to other necessary errands like going to the bank. This would mean that all necessities for one week should be purchased during one trip to the grocery. But thinking of food for one week can be tiring, which is why meal plans can be your go-to for these situations.

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Meal plans usually make use of the same ingredients to cook up different dishes. And in cases such as the quarantine, it will be your best friend. Here are 10 items you should stock up on to make one week’s worth of food good for four people!

Whole chicken (3 pieces, chopped)

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You can make garlic fried chicken, chicken afritada, and baked chicken for your family with only three whole chickens!

Pork pigue (2 kilos)

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Photo by J. Kenji López-Alt

This part of the pork can be used for pork chop, bistek, menudo, and pulled pork stew.

Ground beef or pork (1 kilo)

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Depending on your preference, you can use ground beef or pork to cook up giniling and make it into tortang giniling to mix up the menu, or the Filipino party favorite spaghetti!

Fish fillet (1 kilo)

Photo from Easy Homemade Sushi

A kilo of fish fillet can go a long way since you can make calamansi fish fillet and crunchy fish fillet with it.

Potatoes, carrots, or mixed vegetables (1/2 kilo)

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Who doesn’t love the very versatile potato and carrots? It can go with lots of dishes such as giniling, afritada, and menudo–classic Filipino dishes.

Eggs (1 dozen)

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Eggs are a staple ingredient when it comes to cooking food that makes use of breading. Make sure to put it on your grocery list so you wouldn’t forget!

Tomato sauce

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Tomato sauce can be used for dishes such as menudo, afritada, and spaghetti. But it doesn’t have to be tomato sauce if you prefer it sweeter, there are now Filipino-style sauces available in the grocery.

Pasta (1 kilo)

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If you want to mix up your menu even more, why not cook pasta instead of rice? Try making spaghetti or garlic oil pasta for your family.


Photo from Infogrocery

Breadcrumbs make dishes crispier which is why you have to remember to put it on your list so your pork chop or fish fillet can be extra crispy.


Photo by Marco Antonio Victorino from Pexels

The Philippine lime, as others call it, the calamansi can spice up any dish and turn it into a mouthwatering adventure. Use it for the calamansi fish fillet and bistek you’ll be cooking for your family.

If you want to make any of the dishes mentioned, click here for the recipes.

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